Relationships Built Upon Trusted Independent Advice

With over 100 years of collective experience our team is unrivaled in our knowledge of your business and your markets…let us show you how we can be of service.

Our Services

Our primary suite of client services pivot around what we’ve historically done best: strategic advisory services and capital raising. We’re as comfortable providing strategic advice in the boardroom as we are in the capital markets where we routinely take on assignments involving small and mid-size issuance, complex capital structures, project finance and existing investor negotiations.

In addition, through our key third party alliances we provide M&A advisory (both buy side and sell side), management, operational and developmental services and financial restructuring advice.

The TFACP team’s more than 100 years of collective industry experience has created a comprehensive library of knowledge of the gaming and leisure industries – experience and insights that few investment banks can match.

Our clients, U.S. and international, have included private companies, public issuers, individuals, large corporates and Tribal governments. The approximately $150 Billion in capital raised by the team has been through a variety of structures, including fixed and floating rate debt and through equity both via private placements and publicly traded issuance.

Strategic Advice

Our strategic advisory service leverages our combined history in the covered sectors and applies our unique insights to help discover opportunities for our clients that other firms may not see.  There is no substitute for experience when looking for the next investment idea…or looking for signs of possible trouble in an old one. TFACP’s depth of collective experience, of the industry – in all stages of economic cycles – and pattern recognition positions it strongly to become its clients’ most trusted advisor.

Capital Raising

Many companies find that the banks today may do an adequate job of raising capital, until the assignment becomes complex, or too small to feed the bank’s distribution platform or is priced at a level that doesn’t fit the bank’s standard schedule of fees. TFACP specializes in raising capital where many banks aren’t interested – we find creative solutions to complete the job.  TFACP is independent – our sole focus and loyalty is to our clients who engage us.

Allied Services

Through our strategic alliances we provide M&A advisory, management, operational and developmental services and financial restructuring.  In order to provide the best quality service in these fields TFACP has formed strategic partnerships with independent, proven experts in each field, thereby creating a seamless and consistent approach to client service.  Each partner shares similar values to TFACP regarding client service, integrity and independence.

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Dedication to client service

Our collective focus has always been on taking care of the client and this is evidenced by the length of our client relationships, the volume of repeat engagements we receive and our business model being based almost exclusively on referrals. The section Our Work provides details on our collective experience, including TFACP team member deals and case studies.

A right sized approach to opportunities and challenges

TFACP is one of the largest and most experienced specialized banking teams serving the gaming and leisure industry today. However we don’t report to a banking hierarchy with conflicting agendas – we are independent.  To our clients this means that we can employ “best in class” client service in a controlled, efficient manner with no distractions or competing agendas.  Our strategic partners are similarly independent in structure and approach: whatever the assignment within our collective areas of expertise our clients get the focus and attention—and the experience—of a cohesive and dedicated group of expert, specialized professionals.

Unparalleled insight and experience

With collective experience in the gaming and leisure sectors of over 100 years, the principals of TFACP have experience that’s without parallel in the banking universe. Moreover most of this experience was earned by running deals as the lead and not as participants in someone else’s. Our experience isn’t just limited to running large scale commercial transactions.  While we’ve led IPOs in Asia, bond deals in Indian Country, project financings in regional markets, we’ve done small deals for large companies and large deals for smaller ones. For every deal we’ve been able to draw on our comprehensive library of banking experiences to find unique, creative, innovative and practical solutions to our clients’ challenges.

Our Work

TFACP values long term relationships with its clients and partners. The following case studies illustrate how taking care of our clients is at the core of what we do. By taking care of our clients and by employing our unique insights into the industries we serve, we enjoy a high degree of repeat business and client referrals.



Senior Secured Credit Facility
Financial Advisor and Placement Agent
TFACP transaction
March 2016

Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort

Secured Credit Facility
TFACP transaction
December 2015

Florida Gaming Corporation

Sole Valuation Advisor
Historical transaction
June 2013

PHL Local Gaming, LLC

Advisor on selection of Gaming Operator
Historical transaction
June 2013

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Transactions representative of work done by TFACP principals throughout their careers

Case Studies

Scarlet Pearl

Negotiated a deal for up to $25MM in capital at very competitive fee and spread levels. By understanding the motivation of the project’s sponsor and CEO and then by focusing on the unique qualities of one particular institution TFACP was able to assist in bringing that transaction to a close.

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Biloxi Pointe Resort Casino

TFACP’s unique perspective on gaming industry managerial and design talent, Mississippi Gulf Coast economic and gaming performance as well as project finance experience have made TFACP the ideal partner for Chris and his core advisors.

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